Good to know

Welcome to Garpen Lighthouse. We hope you will have a pleasant and enjoyable stay here. The following rules have been established to ensure a quality experience for everyone.

“The Right of Common Access” applies (“Allemansrätt”: access to private land by the public for non-destructive recreation).

Garpen is an island with limited resources. Please be extra careful with the water usage.

Respect the restrictions and keep your distance to bird’s nests during breeding season.

Remember that many dogs dislike the boat trip. In view of the risk of allergies among employees and guests pets are not allowed indoors or on the restaurant terrace.

Packed lunches must be eaten at specified locations.

Help us keep the entire island, including buildings, clean and free from litter. Use the garbage containers provided and don’t forget to manage your waste and recycle!

Leave public places (toilets, kitchen etc.) in the same condition in which you yourself wish to find them.

Please show consideration to others. Peace and quiet should be enjoyed by everyone between the hours of 11pm and 7am.

Smoking is not permitted indoors.

Camping is not permitted on the island.

Your own boat may be tied to a designated berth. Please ask the island hosts for directions.

Please respect the environment – it needs your protection. The flowers are most beautiful left standing for all to enjoy.

You are welcome to climb up the lighthouse, but at your own risk. An adult must always accompany children.